General Court Usage

From 17 June 2020 the club will operate an on-line court booking system.

The court booking system has been introduced in order to avoid unnecessary travel and disappointment if the courts are in use. We hope it will also minimise the number of players that may attend the courts at any one time thus posing Covid-19 social distancing issues. The Committee decision also follows LTA recommendations.

The booking process will also allow the club to monitor usage and if required change rules and policies to meet changing needs

To book a court go to ‘Book a Court’ on the main menu where more information and help is available

ALTERNATIVELY, you download the “ClubSpark Booker” App from the Apple or Google Store or enter :  in a browser.


Court Etiquette is covered in the Members Handbook

The following extract and additional information we hope will also be useful:

Club Sessions

A good way of meeting people and finding players of a similar standard is to come to the club sessions. These are typically held weekly. Exact times will be identified on the Court Booking Schedule

Examples of Club Sessions are:

Tuesday 19.30 -22.00: Men’s Drop-in
Wednesday 19:00 – 21:00: Ladies’ Drop-in
Saturday 15:00-18:00 : Youth Coaching
Sunday 10.30 – 13.00 – Everyone welcome – Players of all standards are welcome.

League Matches

Tournament Fixtures take priority. (|General details available on website or clubhouse). Specific dates and times will be shown on the Court Booking Schedule
In all instances the designated groups have priority, but members may utilise unused courts

If you have any questions or wish to provide feedback problems please email us at with as much information as possible. Booking Rules may be changed without notice.


We are happy for members to bring along non-members a maximum of 4 times to play after which the non-member should join. Please ensure guests are booked in.  There is a fee for guests which should be remitted by the member to a club Committee Member or direct to the treasurer. See Membership for full details.

Ensuring the correct soled shoes and dragging the court and cleaning the lines after playing, as well as conforming to Covid-19 policies, is the responsibility of guests as well as members. Dragging the court involves dragging the drag mat or brush across the court surface. It levels the surface and reduces bad bounces. Dragging the court area behind the base line will help minimise moss growth and minimise additional maintenance work and the cost of weed killers. Please consult the Club Handbook for full details of Members’ Responsibilities


We ask all members not to be offended if they are asked to show their membership fobs. Usually it is obvious when non-members are using the courts because the gate will be locked. If you open up and are joined by other people, please ensure they are members and have a key to the clubhouse before leaving the court-key with them.