Help us celebrate 65 years of Tennis in Wolverley

Come and join us on Saturday 18th November 2017 between 7:30pm – 11:30pm

At The Wolverley Memorial Hall Wolverley

Dance to Siddys Sounds and some great 50’s music and 60’s Rock & Roll

Why not dress for the occasion – check out the film Grease, or think Mods & Rockers for ideas, however, dress IS optional

Fully stocked Cash Bar including draught beer and lager

Great food included from Kinver Sausage Company – advise us if you require a vegetarian option

Tickets now on sale £15 each from Costcutters, The Lock Inn, and Old Village Store in Wolverley

Not able to collect tickets from these outlets? Ask a club member or email with the number of tickets required and we can arrange for collection at the door

Tickets are limited – don’t wait too long

Buy tickets here

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